I am Food Handler certified

And create K9 Calms with all-natural ingredients and lots of love! My dog Sammie was in pain every time she played and I didn’t know what to do.

I spoke with veterinarians and tried all kinds of different therapies and joint medications, but nothing seemed to work. Sammie was still limping and in pain while playing.

Only after conducting extensive research about the benefits of medical cannabis for humans and the positive news from vets and their recommendations of CBD for dogs, did I begin to use topical CBD (cannabidiol) on my pet.

When I realized the the change in my pet after consistent use and observation, it’s then that I decided to create a recipe for dogs. Which I now share with you!

Help your dog friend …

Help your dog friend feel more relaxed during stressful times and relieve them from their pain with K9 Calms Hard dog treats, Soft Chews, and Calming Hemp Oil Drops.

K9 Calms is made with organic hemp seed oil to help promote rest and relaxation in your paw-tner. My products are gluten-free and ideal for daily stressors such as separation anxiety, trips to the vet or groomer, Thunderstorms and Fireworks. They are also helpful for dogs with painful Hip issues. 

As part of our lineup of ever-growing products we also carry cleaning products and products without organic hemp. Made in the USA, K9 Calms products can be used for canine companions over 12 weeks of age.–

What is Organic Hemp CBD?

Organic Hemp CBD is a naturally occurring compound from the cannabis plant that is classified as non-addictive and non-psychoactive, and does not have the drug-like effects commonly associated with cannabis.

What is it used for?

Organic Hemp CBD has been used to assist in the treatment of health issues such as joint pain, chronic pain, arthritis, stress, anxiety, nausea, gastrointestinal issues, among other conditions in pets.

What does it do for your dog?

Organic Hemp CBD works with your dog’s immune system and nervous system. Unlike conventional drugs, Organic Hemp CBD does not damage your dogs organs but it helps to heal your dog more naturally.